What is Biodunder?

Biodunder is the end product of molasses fermentation found in sugar cane milling and is a valued liquid fertiliser. By using liquid fertilisers such as Biodunder, Australian farmers are reducing our dependance on imported potash. Biodunder is comprised of vegetable matter (yeast biomass) containing potassium, sodium, nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, phophorus and sulphur.

B-double tanker

How is it Transported?

Griggs Haulage operates a large fleet of B-Double tankers to transport the liquid fertiliser from the Mackay Region up to Burdekin Cane Farms. Each B-Double truckload carries about 57,000 litres of liquid fertiliser.


How is it Applied?

Griggs operateĀ  purpose built applicator machines which stream the Biodunder directly over the stool minimising runoff and maintaining compliance with Reef Rescue Regulations

Applicator Machinery

Griggs applicator machinery fleet includes both tractor+trailer combinations and rigid trucks. All vehicles have wide low pressure tyres that reduce ground pressure minimising impact on the paddocks where they are operated.

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Griggs Haulage Contractors Pty Ltd is a family owned Transport Company dedicated to providing the best transportation service in North Queensland. With experienced drivers and well cared for, late model equipment, we deliver bitumen, sand, gravel, millmud, garden mix, supasoil and liquid fertilizer when and how you need it. We also shift heavy equipment, machinery and transportable buildings.
Griggs Haulage is also the sole contractor for the transport and application of liquid Biodunder in the Burdekin Region. Since inception in 1990, our mission has been to be a leader in specialized haulage, providing fast, efficient and friendly service that is second to none!
Original founders Stephen and Doris Griggs are the Company Directors with son Damien managing the day to day operation of the fleet. Aaron, Jody and Kristine Griggs also actively manage the business along with a staff of 25 employees.
Did you know, our Kenworth trucks are B-double and Road train rated?
We travel the entire coast of Queensland hauling freight for our clients
Our drivers are experienced, dedicated, and an integral part of our family business